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The history of Schoeffel is characterised by a deep passion for pearls and a passionate commitment to this unique jewel. For thousands of years people have been fascinated by pearls. An attraction that is not least founded on the irresistible beauty of pearls.

Starting with their mythical origin as the tears of the gods, to the times when they made up the insignia of rulers, right through to the present day, the pearl has lost none of its power to fascinate. With its incomparable charisma and the beauty that lies deep within the pearl itself it is perhaps even capable of satisfying humankind’s longing for peace and wellbeing. Values which count as luxuries in our time and which find their most beautiful expression in the pearl.

Since its founding in 1921, Schoeffel has devoted itself to this unique jewel. Attributes as determination, a pioneering spirit and passion characterise both the company and its owners.

In Stuttgart in 1921, Wilhelm Schoeffel, founded a company trading pearls and gemstones, at the same time as the first Japanese cultured pearls were presented at the Paris World Exhibition. With far-sighted business attitude he placed his faith in the fascination of the pearl. His premonition proved to be right – the life-style, fashion and art of the 1920s triggered an immense demand for pearls and laid the foundations for the success of Schoeffel.

In the 1930s the second Schoeffel generation, in the person of Kurt Schoeffel, established business relations with the most important pearl farmers. He pioneered the introduction of the first Japanese cultured pearls on the German market. It was a great success, for as early as in the mid-fifties Schoeffel had become one of the most important traders in cultured pearls in Germany.

Since 1963 the company has been led by Hans Schoeffel. In the 1970s he began to systematically build up Schoeffel as a brand – a visionary decision for those times – while at the same time he developed a marketing structure in Europe, the United States, and Asia. Under his management Schoeffel has become one of the leading and most renowned pearl trading establishments in the world.

Till Schoeffel joined the company in 1996 and steadily worked his way up to becoming part of the company’s management. Today Hans and Till Schoeffel - third and fourth generation – manage the company together. Schoeffel is established as an international luxury brand and promotes its high reputation with creations that are consistently of the highest possible quality and value.